11   /   2020

A look inside our child care center located in Greenacre Sydney.

Our in-house custom designed "Morse Code" laser cut panels adorn the facade of our new building design - coded with the street address and function:
"Boronia Road
Child Care Centre"

Using elements from the area's aboriginal history, we've chosen colours to mimic the traditions and customs of the native people. Aboriginal art is echoed throughout the soft and hard landscaping, imitating the 'camp fire' and 'family gatherings' culture.

We recommended an organic feel to our Client's new facility - proving consciously selected finishes and interior design is super important to the overall aesthetics of the premises.

Using a neutral colour palette - atypical for its intended use, the end result is impressive. Natural timber on a backdrop of white and grey sets the tone of calm and structure, while an injection of subtle colour in the playrooms encourages a safe environment, supporting children with special needs.